Born into a family of inventors (Fun fact…my great grandfather invented the delay mechanism for the bomb in WWII), I’ve been dreaming up products for as long as I can remember. Whether it was finding an innovative way to organize my Barbie’s clothes, coming up with a better solution for storing and organizing nail polish or creating an easier way for my mom to organize her Tupperware, my mind was always racing with ideas.  I was obsessed with finding better ways to do anything and everything.

In 2010,  I came across an opportunity that would finally allow me to take my ideas and turn them into real life products on the store shelf. I became the winning inventor on Kelly Ripa’s reality TV venture, "Homemade Millionaire."  It was the experience of a lifetime and gave me the courage to follow me dream of becoming a successful inventor.  Product innovation became my passion and a way of life for me. Yes, I officially became a nerdy inventor! 

At the time I was juggling the chaos of motherhood with three young children alongside a full-time career. Out of sheer necessity, I found solace and passion in creating problem solving products that keep us organized and make life easier.  

As the seasons of life evolve and change, so has my inspiration for creating products. With my children now almost adults, and one already in college, I find myself inspired to live life more beautifully, in every sense of the word. Whether I’m traveling or at home with my family, I know that I feel my best when I’m not only organized but when I'm also surrounded by beautiful things. With that in mind, I turned my design focus toward creating aspirational luxuries for home and travel that keep us organized while also making us look and feel beautiful.

And because I believe that living and traveling beautifully shouldn’t be reserved for only the rich and famous, I’ve made it my goal to ensure all my products are as affordable as they are luxurious. 

I truly hope you enjoy using my products as much I’ve enjoyed creating them!

Marcy McKenna's Signature and her toast to a "Live Lived Beautifully!"