The Utlimate College Gear Guide | Amazon Live with Marcy and Jack McKenna

In what is DEFINITELY my favorite Amazon Live episode yet, I was joined by a VERY SPECIAL co-host, as we revealed The Ultimate College Gear Guide! You'll hear the straight scoop on what to pack (and what not to pack!) from a current college senior at UT Austin, my son Jack McKenna! Hook 'Em Horns! We had such a blast doing this show I'm sure you'll see when you watch!

After three years of trial and error, we've come up with the ultimate college packing checklist and we're spilling it all--The REAL door room must-haves, the absolute college essentials that no student should be without, and we even throw in some little known college hacks and tried and true tips for making your college years the best of the best!

I know I'm a tad bit biased, but I thought Jack did an AMAZING job hosting his first Amazon Live episode. If you agree, please comment below to let him know! He'll love to hear from you! But to be fair, this wasn't his first rodeo hosting live. When he was 15 years old he became the youngest person to sell his own product LIVE on QVC. I've included a link below in case you want to see him in action selling his famous "Jack's Rockin' Toffee," on QVC back in 2017!


▪ Keurig Mini Plus:

▪ Travel Jewelry Organizer by Boshku Design:

▪ Portable Air Conditioner:

▪ Pure Enrichment Garment Steamer:

▪ Pure Enrichment Mini Air Purifier

▪ Pure Enrichment Mini Sound Machine:

▪ Hot Pop Popcorn Maker:

▪ Pom Pepper Spray:

▪ Under Armor Camo Slide Sandal:

▪ Style Stick:

▪ Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker:

▪ Wall Mount Directional Lights:

▪ USB Wall Charger:

▪ Oversized Moving Bags:

▪ Bed Risers:

▪ Mattress Topper:

▪ Storage Right Storage Bins:

▪ Command Strips:

▪ Storage Ottoman:

▪ Vacuum Storage Bags:

▪ Backpack Laundry bag by Terra Home

▪ Wonder Hanger:

▪ USB Wall Charger:

▪ Moving Bags:

▪ Command Strips:

▪ Bed Risers:

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